Jana Bean 

3X WNFR Qualifier 

Dr. David Dutton is not only one of the best veterinarians in the business but he is our friend. He cares about our horses as much as we do and that is when you know your vet is as invested in your success as you are.He will answer a call or text at any time of the day or night and be willing to help in any way possible! We have been using Dr.Dutton for over 20 years and think he is the best there is! 

Hailey Kinsel

WNFR Qualifier 

RFDTV American winner 

For over 15 years, we have trusted Dr. David Dutton with the care of our ranch and rodeo horses. His ability to diagnose conditions is downright amazing at times! He provides the most advanced treatment available, yet always informs us of practical value-based options. Early in our relationship, we took our horses to Hill Country Equine for expert specialty care for the more difficult cases. Today, HCE is our first choice for lameness, purchase evaluations, and surgeries. 

David Miller &

Scott Jones

Multiple AQHA/NSBA World and Congress champions

We at Show String continue to choose Hill Country Equine and Dr.David Dutton for the level of care and compassion provided. Both the staff and Dr.Dutton exhibit the utmost concern for every issue that arises along with providing the best cutting edge veterinary medicine. we can stay on the road and winning because

We use Hill Country Equine.

Kevin Smith 

Some 20 years ago I had opportunity to meet a young veterinarian named David Dutton. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and ability to diagnose and treat large animals. Since this initial meeting we have been fortunate to be able to follow Dr. Dutton’s continuing education and career path. During this time Dr. Dutton has been board certified as an equine surgeon (in several capacities), and we have had opportunity to remain a client of his. His treatment of our horses has spanned our relationship and has included routine veterinary medicine, lameness, and surgery. Our ability to maintain a successful string of performance show horses has been supported by Dr. Dutton’s remarkable ability to diagnose and treat our animals as well as his understanding of the application of each animal individually. Most valuable to us has been the respect we have continued to gain for Dr. Dutton and the friendship we have fostered over these years.